Organic Irish Rind Washed Brewers Gold

Brewer’s Gold

One of our top sellers for cheese lovers, winner of a Great Taste Award, Silver at the World Cheese Awards, Bronze at the French Cheese Awards - Brewer’s Gold is a semi soft rind washed cheese which is made using Organic cow’s milk and hand washing the rind in Irish Craft Beer. Rubbing it with beer promotes the growth of a bacterium, this breaks down the texture of the cheese, turning it soft and pliable rather than firm.  The rind can be sticky the taste is rich, nutty, creamy and sweet. 

The cheese as a result is rich and creamy, with subtle hoppy flavours, and a bright amber rind. But beware this also makes it stinky - in a good way, cheese lovers can’t get enough! This cheese sometimes grows a green mould sometimes a white bloomy mould, this is perfectly normal and is actually a good sign the cheese is maturing well, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. Brewers Gold is great for cooking also.

We love it in recipes like a ‘Tartiflette’, made from bacon lardons, onions, garlic, potatoes, rosemary, Brewers Gold, Cream and Pepper.  Check out our Blog for a recipe.  Ideal as an accompaniment to craft beers, ales & stouts.

Brewers Gold large wheels are 1kg while, our mini half-moons are available in 150g pre packs.

Unfortunately as this is a soft cheese it is not safe to eat when pregnant.  Made with vegetarian rennet it is suitable  for vegetarians!

Awards for our Brewer’s Gold

  • French Cheese Awards - Mondial du Fromage “Bronze”
  • Irish Cheese Awards “Silver Medal Winner”
  • Great Taste Awards 2-Star

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