Organic Blue

Organic Blue

Organic Blue is a unique, strong flavoured and wonderfully creamy blue cheese. Made from pasturised, un-homoginised organic milk from The Little Milk Company's herd of a mix of Montbeliard, Friesan and Norweigian Red cows, which are milked only once a day yeilding a particularly rich, sweet and creamy milk. We make this in partnership with the most famous international award winning Irish blue cheese makers- Cashel Blue. We recommend this at its best between 3 to 4 months of age. 

Our Little Milk Company Blue wheels are 1.5kg in weight and come wrapped in the iconic Cashel gold foil. 

Thinking about wine? Traditionally blue cheese are matched with red wines and sweet dessert wines. But the diverse flavouring of this organic blue means its also fabulous paired with a port or even a gin, the latest trend in food circles. Dont be shy about pairing with a gentle peaty whiskey or one of the many great Irish Craft Beers, Pale Ales and a creamy stout or porter bring a lovely contrast! 

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