Organic Irish Brie

Organic Irish Brie


MILK TYPE:  Organic Cow's Milk


RENNET:  Vegetarian

RIND:  Bloomy white penicillium based rind, which is edible.

STYLE:  Organic Brie, mild and firm when young - softer in texture and stronger flavoured as it ages.

SIZE:  Available in retail packs of 200g

Our creamy Brie is one of our most popular cheeses in The Little Milk Company family! Because it’s made with our own 100% Irish Organic pasturised milk our Brie has a soft extra creamy centre and snow white penicillin rind. The pure nature of the milk adds some earthy notes to the rich, full flavour of this cheese. 

This is a soft cheese which changes during the cheese aging process, when the brie is young it is firm with a mild taste when more ripe it will be softer with a stronger flavour and finally when its fully mature it can get ‘runny’ and has a very strong flavour, so depending on how you like your cheese will depend on when you buy your cheese or how long you should leave before opening!

Large Brie wheels are 1,2kg, while our cute Mini Brie are available in 200g pre packs. When enjoying on a Little Milk Company Cheese board the milder flavour of this cheese should be tasted at the beginning.

This cheese is gorgeous simply with crusty bread or crackers but even more indulgent are the Minis baked in the oven!

Want to enjoy with a glass of wine? A Riesling, Pinot Noir or crisp fruity dry white will go perfectly!

Unfortunately as this is a soft cheese it is not safe to eat when pregnant.  Made with vegetarian rennet it is suitable for vegetarians! 

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